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Peter Kocai                                           
The Acupuncture Clinic                                            
143 Portland Road
East Sussex
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services provided  
My areas of interest include the application of yoga for healing, self-discovery, spiritual exploration and bodywork.  I offer my clients a synthesis of approaches, predominantly drawing upon psychodynamics, body-oriented techniques, relaxation, massage, guided visualisation and imagery.  At the core of every therapy is my client with their unique story/ history.
I have lectured on stress management for five years with individuals, groups and corporate companies and have a training in Biosynthesis in the Czech Republic.  Biosynthesis, meaning ”integration of life” is a somatic and psychodynamic oriented psychotherapy, including aspects of pre- and perinatal psychology, body psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology.
I use a wide variety of techniques within my approach, including techniques used on the body involving touch, movement and breathing.
The therapeutic sessions can be beneficial for anyone interested in self-development and increased awareness, for stress, anxiety and depression related disorders, addiction, eating disorders, muscular tensions and psychosomatic problems (physical symptoms caused by psychological factors) and body-image related problems.
professional training  
My training was completed under the supervision of 'Centrum pro BIOSYNTEZU' in Brno (The Czech Republic) which is associated with the International Institute for Biosynthesis (IIBS), in Heiden, Switzerland. My background - I studied Psychology from 1992 – 1997, with specializing in Clinical psychology.
I was awarded my CERTIFICATE by the Slovak Psychotherapeutic Society in 2008, which confirms that I am eligible to work professionally in the field of psychotherapy as psychotherapist, this being equal to the status of Chartered Psychotherapist in the UK.
From 2009 – 2010, I attended a series of seminars on Neuroscience and the Body Psychotherapy organised by Chiron in London. At 2011 I took part in Autogenic Relaxation Training course (2 x 8 weeks) which was fulfill experience.
In addition at December 2011 I successfully finished my Diploma course in Thai Yoga Massage and became Thai Yoga Massage practitioner.
professional body membership 
I have been a member of the British Psychological Society (GBC) since 2006, a member of the Slovak Psychotherapeutic Society since 1996 and currently an associate member of CABP (Chiron Association for Body Psychotherapists)
cost of sessions
£35 per therapeutic hour (50 minutes),
£45 per Thai Yoga Massage (90 minutes),
£60 per Thai Yoga Massage (120 minutes),
(concessions available on request).
Body psychotherapy in Brighton & Hove. 
Somatic psychotherapy in Brighton and Hove. 
Biosynthesis in Brighton and Hove.
Thai Massage in Brighton and Hove.
Traditional Thai Massage in Brighton and Hove.
Thai Yoga Massage in Brighton and Hove.

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